We’ve Moved!

Seattle_-_Central_Building_02MTG is pleased to announce that we have moved to a new location in Seattle’s central business district. Our new office is located on the sixth floor of the Central Building, an eight-story structure that was constructed in 1907 and features an ornate marble lobby. The Central Building was designated as a Seattle Landmark in 2008.

MTG’s newly remodeled space enables us to better leverage technology, featuring secure and stable high-speed Internet connectivity, as well as a spacious conference room with a large-screen TV monitor that allows seamless sharing of documents and presentations. These features enhance our capacity for in-office collaboration and allow us to provide high-quality, responsive service to our clients.

The new location also provides great commuting, lunch, lodging, and after-work options for employees and guests in the central corridor of downtown Seattle. Our new office is a key resource to help us connect with our far-flung and diverse clients, employees, and industry groups in a vibrant and efficient environment.

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