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MTG Management Consultants, LLC, Announces E-Filing Market Briefing Update

     Seattle, Washington, May 17, 2019 – MTG Management Consultants, LLC, a management consulting firm focused on state and local governments, has updated its briefing on the emerging U.S. state and local court e-filing market, potentially worth $3 billion.

Initially released in 2018 and the first of its kind in the industry, the briefing has been well received in the marketplace.  The latest version includes developments in the market through the first quarter of 2019.

The briefing is of interest to organizations that are concerned with or that operate in the legal market in the U.S.  The E-Filing Market Briefing includes information about:

  • Service providers and their footprints in this market, including by state, court tier, court type, and type of filing.
  • Current prices and fees charged across the U.S.
  • Currently realized and potential volumes of e-filing and electronic services by court tier, court type, and type of filing.
  • The various e-filing business models in the market.
  • Trends and emerging developments.

The E-Filing Market Briefing is available as a yearly subscription.  Please contact Mr. James E. Cabral Jr. (jcabral@mtgmc.com) or Mr. Paul M. Wieser (pwieser@mtgmc.com) to initiate a subscription or to learn more about this offering.


About MTG Management Consultants, LLC

MTG is a limited liability consulting firm headquartered in Seattle, Washington.  MTG has been providing management and technology consulting services to public sector clients since 1973 and has completed more than 800 projects in 44 states and 3 Canadian provinces, involving over 300 state and local agencies.  Based on MTG’s recognized success, MTG consultants are frequently called upon as experts to advance the industry, serve in industry organizations, and share their knowledge through speaking opportunities and published articles.  MTG offers advanced services that address information systems and management issues critical to the success of our clients and the constituents they serve.  For more information, visit MTG’s website at www.mtgmc.com.

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