MTG’s Mr. Jim Cabral has been selected as one of the 2020 OASIS Distinguished Contributors! This recognition comes to those few members who consistently stand-out among their peers in their OASIS work. 

Mr. Cabral was nominated by peers from around the country who recognized him for his contributions including: introduction of new standards work, including the pervasively used Electronic Court Filing Standard; thought leadership across many national groups; and influence that attracted many new participants to OASIS work.  

Baseline Protocol and SAML Win 2020 Open Cup Awards; OASIS Open Honors Jim Cabral, Jane Ginn, and Bret Jordan – OASIS Open (

From OASIS: Each year, the Distinguished Contributor designation is awarded to a select group of OASIS members who have made significant contributions to the advancement of open standards and/or open source projects. Selected by OASIS staff with feedback from the member community, the Distinguished Contributor program identifies exemplar members for their work.

This year, the award goes to Jim Cabral of MTG Management Consultants for his work in LegalXML; Jane Ginn of Cyber Threat Intelligence Network for her contributions to the Cyber Threat Intelligence Technical Committee; and Bret Jordan of Broadcom for his contributions to several cybersecurity standards including CACAO, OpenC2, and STIX.

OASIS Distinguished Contributor status is held in perpetuity, similar to a “Lifetime Achievement Award” or “Hall of Fame”.  This year’s winners will join their distinguished colleagues listed at in this honor.

Thanks to all the members who submitted nominations and inputs into the decision process.  And thanks to these select distinguished members for their dedication and hard work in support of the OASIS mission.  They are leaders among a population of great members.

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