In response to the current Pandemic, courts worldwide have scrambled to cobble together technology solutions to keep their doors open – at least virtually. Though they have succeeded in this effort initially and have broken down long-standing barriers to technology adoption in the courts, these accomplishments have not been seamless. Courts have been facing inefficiencies, unfulfilled needs and promises, unintended consequences, and finally, openings for slipping back into legacy practices.

MTG recently sponsored and hosted an IJIS eXCHANGE technology summit focused on engaging practitioners AND industry, through our open-ended discussion to examine the progress and what is needed to advance the fidelity of virtual court operations. 

In particular, COVID has broken both the operating model of the courts and the barriers to the adoption of court technology.  Calls for social justice have injected urgency and underscored the need for care and equity in implementing technology solutions.  This session focused on the rapidly evolving business model and technology demands of the courts.  This panel discusses the landscape and the new paradigm/framework for court operations and technology.

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