Bob Kaelin Presents at IACP Technology Conference 2018

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MTG Senior Partner Bob Kaelin conducted a workshop at the 2018 technology conference of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). The workshop, Taming the Technology Dragon, was designed to help organization leaders understand the broad array of technologies available to law enforcement organizations, as well as the resources needed to sustain them. A key focus was anticipating costs and staffing demanded by these complex systems. Leadership needs and alignment of leadership development with technology efforts were also discussed, and the essential tools were highlighted. The conference ran from May 21 to 23 in Providence, Rhode Island. For further information on the Technology Conference, see the IACP Technology Conference website.

MTG Presents at Court Industry Summit 2017

Technology, social change, and politics are fundamentally changing the operations and even the role of the courts.  These developments in turn drive the IT investments of and engagement opportunities with the courts.  The Court Industry Summit, held April 19-20 in Princeton New Jersey, is a unique opportunity for court IT solution providers to engage in a free-flowing discussion with leaders of COSCA, NACM, CITOC, and representatives from NCSC.

Joe Wheeler, Senior Partner with MTG and Chair of the IJIS Court Advisory Committee served as one of the featured speakers for the 2-day event.  Day one, Mr. Wheeler provided an overview of the progress the court community has made on the issues described in the 2015 Court Industry Summit.  On the final day, Mr. Wheeler provided insights on the future of the court IT industry, identifying opportunities and threats facing both the courts and the solution providers that serve the courts.

MTG at e-Courts 2016

MTG staff will becourts-2016-logoe taking an active role in and around the e-Courts 2016 conference, presented by the National Center for State Courts. MTG partner Joe Wheeler, who is the chair of the IJIS Court Advisory Committee, will be teaming with CITOC (Court Information Technology Officers Consortium) to present “Coping with the Accelerating Pace of Technological Change.” That panel discussion is scheduled on the first day of the conference.

Joe will also be assisting CITOC as they conduct their annual meeting prior to the conference, and MTG partner Jim Cabral will be leading the OASIS Electronic Court Filing Standard committee meeting just after the conference.

The e-Courts 2016 conference is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from December 12 through 14, 2016. Registration information is available at the e-Courts website.