Full Scope of Public Safety Consulting Services

MTG is the trusted, independent, subject matter expert that our government clients rely on to plan, manage, and enhance public safety in their jurisdictions. Local, state, provincial, and federal agencies in the United States and Canada call on us to provide:

  • Computerized Criminal History (CCH) Services
    • Criminal history records improvement
    • Court reporting analysis
    • Arrest – Disposition backfill
    • Missing disposition portal
    • Local criminal history record analysis
    • CCH statistical audits
    • Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) audits and audit tools
    • Training and outreach
  • Multimodal Biometric Identification Systems (MBIS) consulting
    • Identification – Fusion matching, suspense files, biometrically verified records management
    • Investigations – Facial recognition, latent submissions, DNA, Rapid DNA
  • Planning, procurement, implementation, and quality assurance services for AFIS/ABIS/MBIS, CCH, state message switches, and Integrated Justice Information Systems (IJIS)
  • Police and other law enforcement Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management Systems (RMS) consulting
  • Fire, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), animal control consulting

MTG Management Consultants is a national leader in integrated justice. Our clients benefit from our work within industry working groups and standards-setting organizations, such as the following:

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