OASIS LegalXML Technical Committee Issues Specification Draft for Electronic Court Filing 5.0

After several years of effort, the Electronic Court Filing (ECF) Technical Committee of OASIS LegalXML is issuing its first Committee Specification Draft of ECF 5.0 for a 60-day public review.  MTG partner Jim Cabral is co-chair of the committee, and has been very active in this effort. This draft is an important milestone, leading to the next major version of the standard that has been widely adopted by courts and solution providers across the country. The specification details how XML is used to transmit legal documents among court participants, including courts, attorneys, self-represented litigants, and others involved in legal proceedings.

The specification is available for public review and comment. You can find the announcement at the ECF Announcement page on the OASIS Website.

Are You a Technology Provider? Take the Court Component Model Technology Provider Survey

As part of the National Center for State Courts, Joint Technology Committee’s (JTC’s) NextGen Court Technology Standards initiative, MTG recently launched an outreach effort that engages technology providers to the courts. That outreach includes a survey that will be used to accomplish the following:

  •  Validate and refine the draft list of components.
  •  Inform the next steps in the Next-Generation Technology Standards initiative.
  •  Build an industry directory that is organized using a shared taxonomy.

If you are a technology provider to the courts and have not received or taken this survey yet, please do so. You can access the survey here. By participating, you will have the opportunity to weigh in and help shape this important initiative.

One of the thoughts behind the outreach is to solicit guidance relative to each of the following questions:

  •  What components apply, and which are relevant to the providers and the consumers of court technology?
  •  Which components are currently in the greatest demand, and which are available?
  •  Which components may benefit most quickly from new investment into standards development so that components will talk to each other?

To help answer these questions, the outreach is planned to expand to the courts in the near future.

MTG at e-Courts 2016

MTG staff will becourts-2016-logoe taking an active role in and around the e-Courts 2016 conference, presented by the National Center for State Courts. MTG partner Joe Wheeler, who is the chair of the IJIS Court Advisory Committee, will be teaming with CITOC (Court Information Technology Officers Consortium) to present “Coping with the Accelerating Pace of Technological Change.” That panel discussion is scheduled on the first day of the conference.

Joe will also be assisting CITOC as they conduct their annual meeting prior to the conference, and MTG partner Jim Cabral will be leading the OASIS Electronic Court Filing Standard committee meeting just after the conference.

The e-Courts 2016 conference is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from December 12 through 14, 2016. Registration information is available at the e-Courts website.