Some of our staff are go-to people for customers and other interested parties, in particular areas. They have acquired and practice that distinction because they developed specific skills, have extensive practical experience and are encouraged by us to continually assist, beyond individual project staffing assignments. We call this our “We have a guy …” program.

The list below identifies the currently available program segments and their respective go-to consultant.

  • Governance – Joseph D. Wheeler is your guy for any questions or challenges related to governance. This covers strategy, goals, resources, processes and controls.
  • Organization – Robert E. Kaelin lives and breathes organization. He is the one to tag for organizational recommendations and for insights into how to shape organizations for success.
  • Criminal History and Biometrics – Charles C. Collins owns this. With Chuck (Charles) on the team, you are leveraging knowledge of most of the state criminal history and biometrics market in the US and his ability to provide succinct, actionable and practical recommendations.
  • Security and Standards – James E. Cabral is your guy when it comes to enterprise and systems security. He is also our go-to for standards development and implementation.
  • Public Safety – Terrance A. Gough is tagged to be your guy. There is likely nothing that he does not know about in this vertical.
  • Business Processes – Lauren C. Ambrose is it when it comes to business processes. She knows – definitions, use, modeling, tools, re-engineering, evaluating, qualifying, documentation, content for procurement and training, and so on.
  • Tools – Dr. Gerald A. Ward is the go-to for any questions related to tools. He covers collaboration and productivity tools, as well as specific tools used in Publics Safety and Justice.
  • Document Management – Jeff T. Wigen is our resident expert on all matters document management, including review processes, review portals, versioning and artifact management.
  • Solutions – Paul M. Wieser is your go-to for solutions – commercial off the shelf (COTS), custom or hybrid/components. He knows the markets, the players and a thing or two about roadmaps.